Mobdro 2.1.9


MobdroMobdro is an iconic Android app that can be used with any kind of Android devices, from smartphones to tablets to Smart TVs. The basic function of this app is to search the internet for the media / video content from all across the world. The range of languages is wide enough to fit everyone’s need. It works better than searching the internet manually because the app has multiple search engines of its own to complete the scanning process. This widens the area for search and gives the Mobdro app users leverage over any of the other app users. It is not available on the Google Play Store but it can be downloaded from the developers website for free.

Mobdro 2.1.9 Updates

The Mobdro 2.1.9 has evolved the app into a far better version of itself. It has fixed the issue with consecutive channel search lag and the users have reported that it is completely gone. This version has added new options to the sharing video option available in the app, which now allows you to share as well as recommend videos to other users via your device. The offline viewing feature controls were tweaked and the visualisation was altered to fit the layout which is the same except for the hues.


The system resolution was also improved along with most of the app search engines getting enhanced to upgrade the performance and reduce the time it takes for the search to come up with results. Some reported bugs causing minor lags were also fixed.

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