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Mobdro LinuxVideo Streaming application is coming up huge in these days, thanks to the low-cost data and the good quality productions. Videos are the most preferred way of entertainments which include videos like TV Shows, movies, and other popular videos elements. Here we will discuss on installing the Mobdro application for the Linux.

Mobdro is a feature rich streaming application which offers a wide range of content ranging from Tv shows, movies with simple design and updated content. Mobdro app is rated as one of the most safest movie streaming app (read more).


Download Mobdro for Linux

Note: To Install Mobdro for Linux system, you need to have virtual machines installed in the machine. Before downloading the Virtual Box for the Linux system, you can check whether the system is a 64-bit system or 32-bit machine.

Now, you can download the appropriate version of the Virtual machine. After downloading the virtual machine, open the file to install it on to the Linux system.

Now, the first half of the setup is ready, in order to open Mobdro app in the Virtual machine, you need to have an emulator.

One of the the best working emulator for Mobdro is Genymotion android emulator.

  1. Go to Genymotion website, create an account which is required to sign in to the app.
  2. Download the .Deb file for the Genymotion into the system.
  3. In Linux in order to install a application, navigate to command prompt.
  4. Choose the download folder, by using cd downloads command.
  5. You can now view the downloaded files at the command prompt.
  6. To install the  GenyMotion application user “chmod +x genymotion -2.6.8-linux_x64.bin”.
  7. After installing the Genymotion, you can Download Mobdro.

Now you can drag and drop the Mobdro application from the system to the GenyMotion     emulator. After drag and drop, the installation process will be done. Once the application is installed, you can open the browse through it to enjoy TV Shows, movies and much more in it.

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