Mobdro v2.0.28


MobdroWhatever your go-to entertainment app is right now, Mobdro is here to change that. Mobdro is the all in one entertainment app that has much more functionality and features than any other, some of which are exclusive to this app only as not a lot of apps offer them and never all in one. Mobdro has a large and very impressive collection of Hollywood movie and if you like a movie, Mobdro has it. You can search the Mobdro movie library to find your favorite movies and also discover some other great movies as well.

The best thing about using Mobdro to stream movies on your phone is that you get to watch the latest movies from Hollywood as soon as they are released in full high definition. Mobdro also has a large collection of great TV shows and you will find all the well known names in there such as Game of Thrones and The Wire. You can also stream sports matches on your phone using this app and you also have the option of download any media content from the Mobdro app, take it offline and stream it later any time.


Mobdro can be used to stream media content on any android device and it is all absolutely free! There is no subscription fee to use Mobdro on your phone, just download the apps and stream unlimited and unrestricted content. The user interface of the Mobdro app is very easy and the app is in English language to make things much easier for the average user.

Download Mobdro 2.0.28 APK Android

  • Download Mobdro APK
  • Open the file manager installed on your android device and locate the downloaded APK file
  • Install Mobdro app on your phone
  • Run Mobdro and search for your desired movie or TV show and stream it on your phone for free!
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